Week 10 – Missed lesson

This week, we went camping and therefore we missed the last piano lesson of term.

Which brings me to the tricky subject of make-up lessons.

When we chose our teacher, we chose to buy a half hour of her time each week during the school term. Whether we use that time or not is up to us. Whether we pay for that time or not is not up to us, we have made a committment and as far as I am concerned we pay for each and every week during the term.

Our piano teacher also performs professionally quite a bit, so did ask that we keep in mind that there may be occassions during the year when she may not be able to stick with our allocated time. We agreed to this as a condition of learning with her.

If she decided to go camping and not teach, I would expect NOT to pay for the lesson. However, WE decided to go camping, thereforefully expect to pay for the lesson.

End of story!

Week 9 – Transposing!!!

Now that she is reading music on the stave she is exploring a lot more on her own.

Imagine how proud I was to find her transposing from black notes to white notes!!!  ‘Look Mummy, I can play My Best Friend here, too!’

One day this week I heard unfamiliar pieces. Curious I joined her at the piano.

She had picked up the My First Piano Adventure book and proceeded to play her way through 52 pages!!!


Gwyneth Inspired Blueberry Muffins

Lunchbox Trials
The really good thing about this recipe is that there is no egg in it, so it is easy to divide and make fewer muffins – always good as muffins are really best eaten super fresh. Having said that, these ones are chock full of berries so they remain delicious even days later.

Mix together the wet ingredients:
125ml Bran rice oil
125ml soy milk
125ml maple syrup
2tbs agave nectar (or honey or golden syrup or nothing at all, they are fairly sweet anyway) Don’t bother with Agave or an extra sweetener….they really are sweet enough choc full of berries!

Mix together dry ingredients
100gr white spelt flour (Why spelt? Well, I suppose it is higher in protein and is supposed to be better for you, but if you don’t have any nor care to hunt it down it will work equally well with regular flour)
125gr wholemeal spelt flour
2tsp baking powder

Combine wet and dry ingredients together and add 300gr of blueberries. Usually with muffins they day don’t overmix, but this recipe is really runny and doesn’t seem to mind about being mixed, having said that, don’t really go to town with the mixing!

Spoon into muffin tins lined with paper or silicon moulds and bake for 25min at 190 degrees.

These are really delicious! The original recipe was in Notes from My Kitchen Table – which I LOVE! Can’t wait to get Gwyneth’s new book!

Week 8 – 1st book completed!

I’m so proud of my little cherub!

Piano Girl has completed Book A this week and has started on Book B.

I must confess that I was quite rigid about establishing an 8am practice time each school morning. After a few weeks she really began to get into the swing of things and now I usually hear the piano start at 8am – even without prompting from me.

Piano Girl practising before school